Nobody ever plans to have a bad day

We’ve all been caught up in a flash storm, plans fallen through at the last second and produced the greatest piece of work for your boss, only for it to be brushed aside.

What about that special someone you’re constantly thinking about, however you’re not even sure if he/she knows you exist.

Your friend seem to have her life altogether, yet everyday, life finds a way to put you back on square one.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t a genie in a bottle that can come and solve your problems with mere wishes. But you don’t need a genie’s help. The only person that can do whatever goal is set for them is you.

There’s a social stigma around makeup and the ‘false illusion’ you put up to others around you. However, I’m sure most of us women agree that we don’t put on makeup to please others, we do it for ourselves.

Everyone needs an outlet, a way to express themselves. Some do so through the clothes they wear, or how they style their hair, but nobody understands the true appeal of makeup and why millions women around the world use it on a daily basis.

Everyday we’re faced with challenges that we ourselves have to overcome. Nobody goes through the day without having to make a choice or a compromise, and every little decision we make could potentially affect the rest of our day, week or month.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

We need to make these decisions, whether they’re big or small, but how could you possibly make the best choice when you don’t even feel like you’re the best you?

Nobody should be ashamed or second-guess themselves

Nobody should be ashamed or second-guess themselves about putting makeup on. Makeup isn’t about appealing to the opposite sex.

It’s about giving you the determination and confidence you need to walk outside your front door, and be prepared for anything.

When you’ve achieved that level of self-confidence, you are simply unstoppable. Don’t settle for a lesser you.

Makeup for massesWe want to look in the mirror every morning and see a person that reflects on how we feel inside.

Makeup provides an outlet that enables us to express ourselves. It allows us to feel confident and gives us that inner ability that we can achieve anything. Caught up in a flash storm?

No problem, you’ve packed yourself an umbrella. Friends have cancelled? That’s fine; you still have that TV series that you’ve been meaning to start. Your boss doesn’t appreciate your work?

Well maybe there’s somebody else out there that will. When you have that self-motivation, that inner-will and determination to do better, life can throw as many problems as it wants at you, but this time, you’re fully prepared.

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