Teeth Whitening

Over time, teeth gradually yellow in color. If you drink coffee, tea or red wine, or if you smoke, your teeth will become even more stained and discolored. With today’s variety of smile whitening methods and technologies, your smile can easily be whitened in a number of ways.

At this time there are two options for smile whitening: at-home whitening systems that use trays and prescription whitening gel or in-office, instant whitening that use light-activated gel to brighten teeth.

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How It’s Done


Zoom!™ Whitening

Once the patient is seated comfortably, the doctor places a retractor in the mouth to pull the lips away from the teeth. The Zoom! whitening gel is then applied to the teeth. A bright light is then shone on the teeth for an hour. The gel is activated by the light, causing the teeth to whiten. Click here for more.

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At-Home Whitening

At-home or take-home whitening is accomplished by wearing custom-made trays filled with prescription whitening gel for several hours at a time for at least three days.

Patients are scheduled for a tray fitting where impressions or molds of the upper and lower teeth are taken. From these impressions, custom trays for the teeth are formed.

At the next appointment, the trays are delivered, and tested for proper fit. The dentist then shows the patient how to apply the prescription-quality whitening gel into the trays. The trays are extremely thin, virtually invisible and can be worn during the day or night. The results are long lasting, and the smiles are quickly brightened in a three to five days.

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