Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Anti-Aging Treatments for fine lines, crows feet and wrinkles
Anti-Aging Treatments

Firstly, it is important to know that botulinum toxin injections (commonly know as botox injections) are the most commonly performed non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the world. In the ‘cosmetic form’ it is commonly known by the trade names, such as Botox/Vistabel or Dysport/Azzalure, and is used for various cosmetic and medical procedures.

Secondly, no matter what scare stories you read or hear, these anti-wrinkle injections are very ‘low risk’ treatment. It is estimated that approximately 3,000 units would kill a human. Within a cosmetic treatment of 3 areas, we would generally use less than 100 units, thus allowing a very wide safety margin.

The Benefits of Anti-Aging Treatments Are:

Botox Treatments The main benefit of anti-aging treatments are that it gives you a younger, fresher appearance
Botox Treatments Careful application means:-
Botox Treatments Your brows, which can sag with age, will lift
Botox Treatments Wrinkles on your forehead will fill in
Botox Treatments Crows feet/laughter lines around your eyes will be less pronounced
Botox Treatments Corners of your mouth will lift giving the appearance of happiness rather than a permanent sad look
Botox Treatments Lines from your nose to chin/marionette lines become less deep and less visible
Botox Treatments Sagging of the lower face/cheeks can be reversed
Botox Treatments Appointment time is short so you can fit it into a busy life
Botox Treatments There is no recovery period so you can just get straight on with your day

The History of Anti-Aging Treatments

Here’s Some of the Background on Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Botulinum toxin for cosmetic treatments is a relatively new thing. But we have known about it for some time now

In 1895: A Belgian bacteriologist isolated the botulinum bacteria that cause’s botulism.

In 1928: A Dr named Herman Sommer purified the toxin so that it could be used in medicine on humans.

In 1940: In the 40’s researchers in London discovered that by injecting botulinum toxin directly into the skin, it effectively stops interaction between the nerves and muscles.

In 1993: Doctors in England noticed that when the toxin was used to treat spasms in patients that they perspired less where they were treated with Botox. Hence the fantastic effects on underarms for sweating!

In 2002: The FDA approved Botox injections as a safe treatment for smoothing frown lines on the forehead under the name ‘Botox Cosmetic’.

In 2006: UK license was granted by the UK drug regulatory body for the use of Botox for cosmetic purposes

In 2013: We now know we can use a range of anti-wrinkle injections to treat lines and wrinkles on the entire face

How do Anti-Aging Treatments Work?What’s Involved With Anti-Aging Treatments?The Aging Process

There are 4 key steps:

– Botox blocks the transmission of the chemical acetylcholine from the nerves to the muscle

– Acet-yl-cho-line is a neuro-transmitter (works on nerve endings) and it is this chemical which sends a signal to the muscle making it bunch up or stay at ease.

– With the movement of acetylcholine stopped or notably lessened, the muscle can no longer tighten up and it will therefore relax.
– Consequently, wrinkles disappear giving us the more youthful appearance we desire.

Botox-AfterBotox-BeforeYou will be asked to frown or smile so muscle movement can be assessed and small dots will be placed on the skin so that the Esthetician will know exactly where to place the injection.

As everyone is slightly different, this ensures you get the best result for you.

Several injections will then be given. It will simply feel like a small insect bite and often clients feel no discomfort at all.

Botox-Forehead-BeforeAging is associated with the development of lines and wrinkles caused by many factors such as sun damage, gravity or lifestyle.

We also develop ‘sleep lines’ and lines from the action of muscles. This is called ‘hyperfunctional pull’ with facial lines caused by the ‘pull’ of certain facial muscles on the skin. Botox injections reduce facial lines caused by this hyperfunctional pull. They also are used to contour aspects of the face for example the brows or the chin.

Some of the lines that fit with this hyperfunctional pull are frown lines on the forehead (called glabella lines) or lines that run from the corner of the lips downwards towards the chin (called marionette lines). These frown lines can make us look permanently angry, anxious, tired, fearful or sad. And who wants to look angry or miserable all of the time?

Simple Do’s and Don’ts with Anti-Aging Treatments

arrow_orange1_25 You will generally see a result within 3-10 days with and can take up to 2 weeks to reach the completed result
arrow_orange1_25 Generally it is good to follow the 4 hour rule
arrow_orange1_25 Exercise the treated muscles to work the product into your muscles
arrow_orange1_25 Do not lie down or do strenuous exercise Avoid hot baths/shower, sauna or tanning
arrow_orange1_25 Do not allow your head to go below your waist
arrow_orange1_25 Avoid alcohol For 24 hours afterwards avoid flying and avoid rubbing the treated area. So no facials and apply makeup gently
arrow_orange1_25 It is also worth noting that you need to avoid aspirin, Ibuprofen/Neurofen or other anti-inflammatory before treatment. If you take any of these for health reasons then you should always consult your doctor before stopping.

For Best Results with Anti-Aging Treatments

It is so important to have realistic expectations. The benefits of anti-aging treatments usually last 3-4 months on someone who regularly has the treatment. Movement returns gradually within this time period. However the first time you have a treatment you may only get 2.5 months and then need the treatment redone.

For all anti-aging treatments, it is important to have an initial consultation to assess the appropriateness for treatment for you. At MediSpa we have both a Plastic Surgeon and a Aesthetic Therapist working alongside our Cosmetic Dentist who can assess your situation and provide advice and treatment.

There are 3 main sites for treatment frown and as you can see with proper technique the results are amazing.

Are Anti-Aging Treatments Right For You?

In clinical trials 90% of clients reported there was an improvement in their facial lines. Anti-aging treatments are suitable for both men and women from their late 20’s to 80’s depending on your skin. It works best on recent, non-established lines whilst deeper lines may not completely disappear. A good test is to gently stretch your skin between you fingers. If the lines disappear you will get a better result than if they don’t completely go. Generally speaking Botox injections as well as dermal fillers work best on those who look after their health and their diet.

Anti-Aging TreatmentsIt’s worth remembering that anti-aging treatments are a preferred cosmetic treatment because it’s simple, affordable, and can dramatically improve your appearance instantly. The entire process can be done in our clinic during your lunch time, is non invasive and there is absolutely no recovery time necessary. You can just get straight back to your busy day.

There are a few people for whom Botulinum toxin injections are not an appropriate treatment. Those who are pregnant, suffer with bleeding disorders or have a diseases which affect muscle activity.

The Process

Before your treatment we will always provide you with a full consultation with Dr. Rob Jukes accompanied by our Aesthetic Practitioner, Louise Morris. To us, this is an important part of your treatment – as it’s when we get to listen to what you are looking for and we get to understand what is your overall goal in enhancing the appearance of your skin.

We are then able to recommend the best route for you by identifying the most appropriate course of treatment and product for you.

When Should I See the Results

You can achieve a younger, fresher appearance in just 1-2 weeks. Initially results may last 2.5 to 3 months and as you continue treatments, the results will last longer.

Skin Health:

To maintain a healthy glow to your skin no matter your age, it’s vital to cleanse, protect and nourish your skin on a daily basis. Our Skin Care Consultant can advise you on your skin care regime and on which products are most suitable for your skin type.